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JH Glass shower door is produced with several types of raw glass. The current modern design trend has given us more choice on glass types, colors, and patterns. Shower door glass is made by tempered glass, with excellent drilling, cutouts, polished edge.

Products series :

Tempered clear glass

clear glass is the most ordinarily used option for shower enclosures, low cost and easy clean

Tempered raindown/nashiji pattern glass

The pattern bring distinctive decorative on glass surface

Let the glass in high opacity ,guarantee a higher level of privacy

One side of the glass is patterned ,and the other side is flat for easier cleaning

Tempered acid etched glass/ gradient change glass

Processed on base of acid etched glass

The opaque and satin surface bring artistic effect

Gradient change is an interesting new decorative products ,and rapidly accepted by modern shower door designs.

Tempered low iron glass

High light transparent with colorless appearance

The glass blue edge makes the whole shower enclosure in high grade


Tempered glass with anti-limescale coating

For preserve the functional and aesthetic properties of shower glass , JHG offer coated glass for avoid damage caused by water sediments.